The Millers :: Family Portraits


Oh Millers! This family is one that I absolutely adore. Over the couple years we were able to get to know the Miller crew, they brought such a peace and sense of belonging to us. Getting to grab a quick mini session with them before the holiday season made my heart absolutely filled. We love you Millers and your gorgeous girls!

Teddy + Emily :: Couples

There are few joys as great as getting to walk along side friends through decades of friendship. It's an experience I really would only say I have with that beauty above. Em has been one of my dearest longstanding friends and it was a privileged to capture a few photos of her and her love this past month. Teddy showed me around campus and we were able to snag a few photos in between watching the bell tower chimes and seeing where he conducts his research.

I cannot wait for June to come and celebrate this bride! Teddy and Emily, I'm so deeply happy that God's brought the two of you together. I absolutely cannot wait to capture your big day!

The Henningers :: Family Portraits

In honor of getting to see this sweet family this month, I wanted to finally post their pictures from last autumn! The Henninger clan is and forever will be one of my favorite families. It's a bit of a goal of mine to find a way to photograph them every year till the end of time. :)

We love you Henningers!

The Gambles :: Family Portraits


The Gambles are some of the most wonderful people we had the privilege of knowing while living in Montgomery. Their family has such a tender love and every change we had to spend time with them left us excited to get to hang out again. When the chance came to photograph this sweet family, I was thrilled and honor. Gambles, you have a precious love and it was a joy getting to capture it.

Happy New Year From the Frozen North!


One perk of designating yourself as a photographer is getting the fun challenge of photographing your own family. We've gotten to be with my side of our family the past two years and it has been such a treat watching our nephews grow.

Every year we take our photos along this road which leads to my parents house. I can't wait to see these photos year after year. Isn't that what makes a tradition special? Making sacred spaces even on snowy roads.

Wishing a very bright new year to you and yours!

The Henningers || Family Portraits


After moving to Montgomery, I was eager to find like minded hearts and minds in the city. While it took some time, when we met the Henninger Family, it was a pretty instant joy. We love this gang with all we have in us.

The Henningers are most definitely some of the most welcoming people I've ever met. Spending a few weeks with them, and I found myself already feeling like we had been journeying together for ages. What a gift to have found such a fantastic family to spend our time around here in Montgomery.

Luke + Alison || Couples

There are few couples as absolutely wonderful as Luke and Alison. Family friends, the best of the best, I had the opportunity to photograph them in this season. Transplants from the UK to Helsinki, they were a safe harbor for us when as we waded through culture shock and craving deep friendships.

Some of the best we've ever made (It helps they're such a fabulous looking couple.)