The Weddles || Families


When I consider our time here in New Hampshire, much of the happiest parts that come to mind have the Weddle family tied to them. We get the joy of co-leading a missional community (which is like a bible study meets family dinner) and over the past couple of years have grown tender in our friendship with each other. This sweet mama and I are both enneagram 6's (IYKYK) and have it's been a sweet thing to have someone have a similar way of thinking. She's farther ahead in this motherhood journey and has countless times offered kind insight and left me feeling more free to parent joyfully. She's a gift to me, and their children are a deep gift to my kiddos. Man, we deeply love and cherish this family! I felt so honored to get to photograph them. If you're taking volunteers, Weddle Clan, I will forever be your photographer ;)

Love you guys. Thanks for being our kingdom family.

P.S. I know I put both the color version and the black and white version of that freaking cute photo of you guys but I love it forever and need to see it twice. :)


Yesudasan || Wedding


 When it comes to weddings, I only do them for special friends because of the enormous gift of responsibility that weddings are. When my childhood friend asked me to be a part of her wedding in this way, I was deeply delighted. Since this beautiful day, I've gotten to take photos of their growing family and it is a deep honor to get to have an intimate seating in photographing their engagement, wedding, pregnancy and beautiful family.

So deeply grateful for you Yesudasan family. 

Lorina || Portraits


I've been notoriously slow at posting some of my photoshoots on this blog and social media but I want this sweet face forever living on this blog. My sweet friend Lorina, a professor and my favorite walking friend in Alabama delighted me by letting me grab a quick few photos of her after a coffee date one day. Going through these older archives makes me miss my sweet friends (miss you Lorina!) all the more. 

Taking portraits for business is such a fun way to see my friends in a different element. Grateful to know and love this beauty. 

My Family || Family Portraits

This Christmas my family and I got to drive back to the motherland (wisconsin!) to visit with my side of our family. Every year we make it out, I get to take some family photos. It's a gift to have years worth of photos all in the same spot (down the street from my parents home) and to see how much my nephews have grown. The temps were pretty freezing when we took this photos and the kids were champions! So grateful to call them my family.  

Love you Carey and Thompson Clan. <3

Abby || Portraits


I tease my friend Abby that she's my muse. I tease, but we both know I'm serious. When I want to go scout a location, she's the first one to pop into my mind. Partly because she's so wonderful to be with, but also because she looks so dang good in front of the camera. 

When you find a friend who's up for putting herself in front of the camera (even if that means rompin' through fields and holding buckets of prickly stems,) staying up late to help you with your side hustle of a flower farm and make bouquets when bugs are coming 'atcha  and not shying away from hard conversation when it needs to be had, by golly that right there is muse material. You're a rare find, sweet friend. 

If you follow along our journey over at the flower farm, I have no doubt you'll be seeing plenty of her. But if you don't here's a little bit of beauty for your day.

Love you Abby. So freaking grateful to call you a friend.

Chasing the light,

The Graves || Family Portraits



The Graves were one of the first families we met when we moved to New Hampshire. Lindsay is a professional photographer herself (you can find her work here) so it was a special honor to shoot a few photos of their family. Honestly this might be one of my favorite home-photo sessions I have ever done. Their sweet baby girl laughed for THE FIRST TIME the during the photoshoot and it was seriously one of the best gifts I've ever been given as a photographer. That first photo you can see a bit of tears in the mama's eyes and it is still such a treasured moment in my memory <3

Every time I go to a shoot I pray for a while that the shoot would just be a reflection of the beauty of each family and this shoot was the quintessential example of that. Such a beautiful family.

The Millers :: Family Portraits

Oh Millers! This family is one that I absolutely adore. Over the couple years we were able to get to know the Miller crew, they brought such a peace and sense of belonging to us. Getting to grab a quick mini session with them before the holiday season made my heart absolutely filled. We love you Millers and your gorgeous girls!