The Henningers || Family Portraits

Saturday, May 26, 2018

After moving to Montgomery, I was eager to find like minded hearts and minds in the city. While it took some time, when we met the Henninger Family, it was a pretty instant joy. We love this gang with all we have in us.

The Henningers are most definitely some of the most welcoming people I've ever met. Spending a few weeks with them, and I found myself already feeling like we had been journeying together for ages. What a gift to have found such a fantastic family to spend our time around here in Montgomery.

Luke + Alison || Couples

There are few couples as absolutely wonderful as Luke and Alison. Family friends, the best of the best, I had the opportunity to photograph them in this season. Transplants from the UK to Helsinki, they were a safe harbor for us when as we waded through culture shock and craving deep friendships.

Some of the best we've ever made (It helps they're such a fabulous looking couple.)

Jimmy + Amy || Couples

The beautiful Amy has graced the face of this website before. She was infact my first official client here in Helsinki! Since the day we’ve met, I’ve marveled at the gentle kindness and down to earth feel I get everytime I’m near her. Pair it with her impecable sense of style and grace and you have one breathtaking woman. Getting to see her with Jimmy and witness their love-a love that bloomed in their early years  of high school and has carried them through university and across oceans-was a sweet gift. It’s no wonder the images I’m left with are filled with a classic beauty and  tenderness that only is found from loving someone so thoroughly.
What a joy it was to photograph Jimmy and Amy. They wanted to capture this season they are in-living in Europe together in the early years of their marriage. I was so honored to get to be the one to collect snapshots of the two of them.
What a beautiful couple you are, Amy and Jimmy. You have a love that will most certainly leave a legacy. Thank you for the honor of photographing this season  you’re in!

The Jones Family || Family Portraits

I don’t know where to begin. This family has functioned as one of the most tangible blessings God has given us when moving to Finland. On the second week after we moved here, we met Kev and Lydia and their (then) three children. Since then, we’ve journeyed through the past two and a half years together. We’ve watched them pour their hearts into the church plant we get to be a part of, we’ve gained wise counsel for our marriage, they’ve blessed our family with their prescense, prayers, thoughtfulness and wisdom. They make for great friends.
I’ve told Lydia this a few times, and I’m convinced of it. Often in this season of living here, this family has saved us.  Their encouragement and continual persual of friendship as well as their leadership and gently encouraging us to volunteer and take ownership of parts of the beautiful church we’re in has been unreal. To say we love this family would be a gigantic understatement.
It was pure delight getting to spend the morning with them. Capturing the joy their family holds was so rewarding for me. Would you look at these children? I’ve already tried to convince them to go for number Five. The world needs as many Joneses as we can get. 🙂 Twelve years of marriage. It is a beautiful thing to behold.
Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity, dear friends, to photograph  you. All that you are is wonderful and awe-inspiring.

The Boytes || Couples

The Klose Family || Family Portraits

What a sweet family these four are. We had a wonderful time getting to know eachother and celebrate their family this past November. The Klose Family is a friend of a friend, and they got in contact with me shortly after seeing some portraits I did. What a delight it was!
Their love and the gentle way they parent their children was such a beautiful thing to watch. I was so impressed with their family and was honored to spend time with them and capture this season they’re in.

The Lukkonens || Family Portraits

The Lukkonen Family was one of the first families we met here in Finland. My daughter and their sweet Sadie were fast friends, and we’ve loved the time we’ve spent with them. They moved back stateside, only to return a year later (much to the joy of our girls.)
It’s been a joy to reconnect and to take some time to capture their family in this season. I look forward to seeing all the adventures they go on as they take on Europe.